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Welcome to Narpio Braiding Co. Ltd.'s website.

Narpio Braiding Co. Ltd. is the Finnish manufacturer and supplierof the high quality fishing net quipments for the net fisher industry, the other braiding companies and of course the individual fishermen. 

Narpio Braiding special products including lead line and lead rope, float line                             and float rope, also lead core and float core, and much more.

 Welcome to Närpiö Braiding Co. Ltd.'s website.

Närpiö Braiding Co. Ltd. is the Finnish manufacturer and supplier
of the high quality fishing net equipment for the 
fishing net industry, the other braiding companies 
and of course the individual fishermen.

Lead Line, Lead core, Float line, float core. Narpio Braiding Co., Ltd.

    Närpiö Braiding special products including 
lead lines and lead ropes, float lines and float ropes, 
also lead and float cores, and much more.
Fair business partner. Narpio Braiding have
    cooperated with many partners in the European market and enjoyed excellent reputation as a good and responsible supplier.
        You are very welcome to go through the product category
and feel free to enquire for more details. 

Lead line, float line, Narpio Braiding Co., Ltd. Lead core, Float core. Now it's done. Narpio Braiding is the No 1 Fishing Tagle seller in hole Scandinavia.

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