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     History - Technology - Solutions - Team Work


Narpio braiding story begins in the late 1970s.

Initially, operations were fishing nets and related products import and retail sales.


Own production began in the early 80's and was founded Narpio Braiding Co. Ltd. The company ceases to sales nets and completely focused on the manufacture of braided fishing lines.


During the years born a passion for the manufacture of a fishing lines has lasted for over 30 years and are still continuing.


Närpiö Braiding invest a lot of new technology base renewal.


The new cost effective machinery gave us more capacity and the highest technology, therefore, we can provide high quality products at a very competitive prices.


Närpiö Braiding is a pioneer in the development of the floating core. A genuine and original Närpiö Braiding floating interior is an excellent product and a good example of an innovative solution to meet customers needs.

Team work

It's not just business, it's a great attitude and passion.


Our skilled staff, modern equipments and the best and most suitable raw materials are the basis for a good products.

 We do not compromise on quality, it's best for us and it's best for the customer's.


We are a modern and flexible production organization and we can quickly respond to customer needs and wishes.

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